As a system administrator, what do you do if you have lost your Movable Type password? Solution is rather simple.

First, you need to open a connection to the database, most likely a MySQL. And execute the following command to set the author's password to 'password'.

1. use mtos // The mtos is the database movable type uses.
2. udpate mt_author set author_password = encrypt('password') where author_id = '1'; // Set the password to 'password'.

近日将自己一台Mid 2012 的Macbook Pro 升级到了Mojave (10.14.1) 之后,mds_stores 这个进程占用了超过2GB 内存。在这个帖子里找到一些信息。记录并与大家分享。供参考。

1. sudo mdutil -a -i off
2. sudo mdutil -a -i on
3. sudo rm -rf /.Spotlight-V100/*
4. reboot

其实这个方法是不管用的。我随便猜测。mds_stores 只是一个和spotlight 有关的进程。等spotlight 的工作完成了。它应该就不会给用户带来麻烦。随它去吧。

-*- Update -*-

事实上是,当spotlight 的工作完成后,mds_stores 进程对资源的消耗会降至一个非常低的状态。完全不需要手工干预。

If you hit the following error on a Cisco router. You might be aware that this is a bug within IOS 12.3.

Smart Init is enabled
smart init is sizing iomem
Unable to read eeprom
0X003AA110 public buffer pools
0X00211000 public particle pools
0X00020000 Crypto module pools
0X0002 0X0001A800 Card in slot 2

If any of the above Memory Requirements are
"UNKNOWN", you may be using an unsupported
configuration or there is a software problem and
system operation may be compromised.

Details could be found at this *LINK*.

[ MacOS ] Jump desktop 闪屏

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在运行EL Capitan 的情况下,所有版本的Jump desktop 均出现屏幕闪烁的情况。不十分完美地绕过它只有全屏幕显示这一种办法。谁知道如何修复它呢?

set chassis alarm management-ethernet link-down ignore

1 alarms currently active
Alarm time Class Description
2013-02-13 19:26:11 UTC Minor Rescue configuration is not set

To get rid of this alarm, simple issue. ' request system configuration rescue save '.

According to this LINK. A vulnerability in the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPN functionality of the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Software could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to cause a reload of the affected system or to remotely execute code.

  1. Login as root.
  2. switchdisable
  3. configremoveall
  4. reboot

To install macOS from a USB disk, you might want to change the system time to finally get it installed.

Example: to install EL Capitan to a macbook pro. You need to change the date from terminal using command:

date 122014102015.30

[ Family ] Mother passed away

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